3D Tattoos Are The Tattoo Trend That Are Definitely Worth The Pain

21 April 2016, 17:30 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

We’re into it.

Meet Winston The Whale, the man who has pioneered a new trend in tattooing: 3D tattoos.


Winston’s real name is David. He was an artist and illustrator for several years before turning his talents to tattoos.


He started tattooing out of his apartment in Portland, Oregon. Approximately 6 months ago a client asked for a skull and suggested he do it in red and blue lines like a 3D image.


As you can see, the results came out pretty good! His Instagram starting blowing up when people saw the tattoos.


He’s been inundated with requests for tattoos in a similar style.


Don’t be fooled into thinking the tattoo will be 3D if you look at them with 3D glasses. It’s kinda impossible to achieve that effect on skin.


Not gonna lie, we still want one anyway. Maybe two. 


H/T Buzzfeed.


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