Best Flying Type Pokemon Emerald ? Top 5 Flying Pokemon From Hoenn

Flying Pokémon are a popular typing. Some of them are among the strongest Pokémon around, so we”ve taken those and ranked them!

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Flying mixes with a lot of different other types, so it can be very versatile for those who want to make an all-Flying-type team. Flying Pokemon are great because they are immune to Ground-type moves. That means Earthquake, a very common competitive move, does not touch them. A lot of them can also learn Roost, which is great for healing. However, they have to be careful of their weaknesses: Electric, Rock, and Steel-Type moves are super effective on Flying-Types.

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Here are some of the strongest Flying-Types around, ranked down from least strong to strongest. Although most of this list does not include legendaries, we”ve decided to included five of the strongest to represent them.

Updated December 6th, 2020 by Tanner Kinney: As with any game”s competitive meta, Pokemon is still always shifting. With the release of The Crown Tundra adding back in more Pokemon left out of Sword and Shield, the meta is shifting once again. This, of course, leads to some re-evaluation of the which ones really are the strongest flying-type Pokemon. Old Pokemon who once feared Stealth Rocks no longer have to fear, as the Heavy-Duty Boots keep their wings from being clipped. With many legendaries returning in The Crown Tundra, it”s only fair to finally recognize some of the most iconic legendary flying-types.


Noivern flying in the sky from the Pokemon anime
Introduced in Pokemon X&Y, Noivern is a wicked-fast bat with a lot of different movesets in its arsenal. Looking for utility? Noivern delivers Taunt or Defog along with Roost, making it a solid support. Need something that can hit hard with powerful special attacks? Noivern can do that as well, providing a wide variety of extremely potent moves. Looking to just scream it out at this uncaring world? Noivern can do that as well with its access to Boomburst, even if that”s sub-optimal. Whatever the case, Noivern can deliver some impressive coverage for any roster.

Togekiss is a Pokemon for the ultimate gambler, rolling the dice with every single move. Its two main abilities, Serene Grace and Super Luck, are all about playing to every battler”s least favorite element: luck.

It isn”t enough that this Pokemon has access to Nasty Plot, Roost, and a number of solid special attack options to utilize its huge special attack stat; it also needs to be a slot machine in bird form. It borderline feels like hacking when using Serene Grace Togekiss, as every Air Slash seems to flinch. If Togekiss gets rolling, it can feel impossible to break down in a world without Stealth Rocks.

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Pelipper, for the longest time, suffered as just another Route 1 Pokemon. It has underwhelming stats and typing that isn”t too great, meaning it has little punch to pack. However, its strength doesn”t come from itself, but from how it enables its team.

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Game Freak blessed the old pelican with Drizzle in Sun and Moon, making it the definitive supportive Pokemon in any rain team. It provides Defog for entry hazards, Roost to keep itself healthy, and can quickly pivot out to a sweeper with U-turn. Pelipper will never spike any Pokemon, but its ability to set is second-to-none.

17 Hawlucha

Hawlucha is deceptive with how good it can be due to just being a single-stage fighting/flying Pokemon. However, it has been OU since its addition for a reason. It boasts incredible speed that is nearly unmatched with Unburden, and a solid attack stat that gives it plenty of room to flex its muscles.

Hawlucha can restore its own health as well using Roost, making sure the sweep can”t be stopped so easily once it is set up. It isn”t able to break down the toughest walls without any boosts, but with them it really is incredible. With some of its counters now gone, Hawlucha is one of the kings of the squared circle.

The artist formerly known as “Smogonbird,” Talonflame has had both crushing dominance and a period of middling success. It was untouchable in X&Y, where it cleaned house using incredible priority moves through Gale Wings. However, with plenty of checks to priority and a Gale Wings nerf in Sun and Moon, the fire-type bird couldn”t quite get going like it used to.

Fortunately, with its visit to Galar and a pair of Heavy-Duty Boots, Talonflame is coming for the throne once again. Time will tell just how strong Talonflame will be in the meta, but its incredible power has shown that it was unstoppable once, and may be unstoppable again.

Staraptor is a well-loved bird Pokemon, but it is often more outclassed as new Pokemon have become part of the competitive scene. However, it can take out certain threats in competitive play with powerful and strategic moves like Brave Bird, U-Turn, Double-Edge, Close Combat, Tailwind, Defog, Pursuit, Giga Impact, Roost, Substitute, Retaliate, Quick Attack, Return, and Final Gambit. They are most useful in niche situations, so that is why they are the least strong on this list.

It is recommended to have the Hidden Ability, Reckless, because that boosts Brave Bird.

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14 Altaria

Who doesn”t love this fluffy birds” design? This Dragon and Flying-Type can Mega-Evolve, but that makes it lose its Flying-Type and it gets replaced with Fairy-Type. So we are not going to discuss its Mega-Evolution. However, we have to say that it has become a much bigger competitor on trainer teams due to its Mega-Evolution. On its own though, it already has an amazing defense.

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Recommendations for movesets include Draco Meteor, Dragon Dance, Air Cutter, Roost, Heal Bell, Toxic, Cotton Guard, Dragon Pulse, Safe Guard, Refresh, and Flamethrower. It”s best to choose based on your particular Altaria”s stats.

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