The Black Market Pokemon Insurgence ? Black Market

can some 1 tell me all of the items and stuff I cna get on helios city and the black market also what exactly does the witch doctor do and where can I find a steal type? so I can get delta scyther and does he evovle by level up or trade sorry for so much questions btw i finished beta 1


At helios, you can get items, at blackmarket, you can get some stuff. The wiki might not have been updated completely.

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Witch doctor uses magic to make pokemon that evolve by trade like haunter and kadabra to evolve.

You can find magnemite which is steel type in cyan cave.

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You evolve it by giving it a metal coat, which can be found on wild magnemite, and talking to the witch doctor.

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Also Google formatting and learn to use fullstops or periods, it will help you out a lot. Even if English is not your native language

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Don't listen to this guy. It's obviously fake advice.

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