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What is the definition of C-based language?Is C# considered to be C-based?Is Java considered to be C-based?

Furthermore, what does it mean for a language to be based on another language anyway?



C based in general means looks like C from a syntax view. It has nothing to do with how the language works or the features it provides.

Anything that looks like the following will be called c like

Type Declaration( Param){ Type Var (Statement Ender) VarSubItem }Where as anything that looks like this might be called lisp based

(lambda (arg) (+ arg 1))Some people have done a lot of work and created a comp language tree for reference.



There is no fixed definition. But yes, most people would consider both to have their roots in C.

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As a rule of thumb, curly braces and the upside down function definitions that start with the return type (return-type name(parameters)) are pretty sure signs that a language has its (syntactic) roots in C.

Of course, semantically, there are many other languages that had a bigger influence on C# and Java than C did. But syntactically, it is pretty clear to see that both are based in C.


Your question may not have a definitive answer because programming languages are developed on a model and follow paradigms (such as functional, object-oriented, procedural, multi-paradigm etc.) which can be influenced by many other factors (significantly design and implementation) and thus cannot be be based solely on a single language without any change in any of these (if any tried it would not make much sense) but C based languages do exist here”s how.

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C was and is an extremely successful language and many programmers were and still are familiar with it so it made sense that languages meant to be caught on as a general programming language follow its already familiar syntax for code such as blocks within braces and function declarations and so forth and many did for example see the Wikipedia “List of C-based languages” and note that C itself owes something similar to ALGOL. A good visualization can be found in the Wikipedia “Generational list of programming languages”.

But as I said I do not consider this answer as definitive because a language can also be said to be based on another in many ways say by basing its major paradigms but following a different syntax so a C based language may be created without curly braces and semi colons but in many cases this reasoning holds.

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EDIT: from Wikipedia (the second link) a general one liner (again not definitive) for your second question would be

the ancestor language with the strongest influence may be considered as the base language.

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