C+ Integral Constant – Antiderivatives/Indefinite Integrals

Since the derivative of a constant is zero, any constant may be added to an indefinite integral (i.e., antiderivative) and will still correspond to the same integral. Another way of stating this is that the antiderivative is a nonunique inverse of the derivative. For this reason, indefinite integrals are often written in the form




is an arbitrary constant known as the constant of integration.

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The wnyrails.org Language returns indefinite integrals without constants of integration. This means that, depending on the form used for the integrand, antiderivatives




can be obtained that differ by a constant.


Weisstein, Eric W. “Constant of Integration.”From wnyrails.org–A wnyrails.org Web Resource. https://wnyrails.org/ConstantofIntegration.html

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