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Derivatives are defined as finding the rate of change of a function with respect to other variables.

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What is Second Derivative Calculator?

''sSecond Derivative Calculator'is an online tool that helps to calculate the value of the second derivative for a given's online Second Derivative Calculator helps you to calculate the value of the second derivativein a few seconds.

How to Use Second Derivative Calculator?

Please follow the belowstepsto find thevalue of the second derivative:

Step 1:Enter the function with respect to x in the given input boxes.Step 2:Click on the“Calculate” button tofind thevalue of the second derivative.

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Step 3:Click on the“Reset” button to clear the fields andenter the different functions.

How to Find Second Derivative Calculator?

Derivativesdeals with the variables such as x and y, functions f(x), and the corresponding changes in the variables x and y. The derivative of a function is represented by f '(x). It means that the function is the derivative of y with respect to the variable x. The symbol dy and dx are called differentials. The process of finding derivatives is called differentiation.

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The second derivativeis defined asthe derivative ofthe derivative of a function also known as double differentiation of given function. It is represented by f ''(x) or d2f / dx2

There are common functions and rules we follow to find derivatives



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Solved Example:

Find the second derivative value of 5×3+ 2×2


f '(x) = d / dx( 5×3+ 2×2)

= d / dx (5×3)+ d / dx(2×2)

Using multiplication by constant and power rule,

= (5× 3×3 – 1)+ (2 × 2×2 – 1)

= 15×2+ 4x

f ''(x) =d2f / dx2

= d / dx(15×2+ 4x)

= 30x + 4

Therefore, the second derivative value of 5×3+ 2x2is 30x + 4

Similarly, you can use the calculator to find the value of the second derivativefor the following:

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