First Derivative Kahoot In The Classroom, First Derivative Test

Read our top 5 tips for creating great math games in! to increase engagement and learning in your classroom.

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Among the more than 30 million wnyrails.orgs on our platform (where 15 million of these are publicly available), math games are by far the most popular ones. “Math” is also the most frequently used keyword in!, followed by “multiplication” and “fractions”. What does this tell us? That our math teachers rock at creating learning games and using! to improve learning in their classrooms!


Creating good math games in! can be a challenge, but once you try some of the following tips and tricks, it will make the process a bit easier.

1) Rich Text Editor

Our rich text editor is the secret weapon to insert mathematical characters with ease in! When you click inside the answer field while creating a math game, a table will appear with symbols, accent marks – and yes, functions. Use them to simplify your quiz creating experience and to review more complex math problems.


2) Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are a great way to animate your math games in! when audio is unnecessary. While animated GIFs are often a common format for funny clips of cute animals on the web, some creators have really pushed the medium with informative and educational content. Visualizing complex ideas no longer has to be a barrier to entry! We see a massive potential in animated GIFs – and we know you will, too, once you try it.

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Play this to learn how to create great images and GIFs.

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3) Graphs

Graphs are another complementary tool to illustrate problems in your math class. Just remember to export them as a JPG, PNG or GIF and to stay below 5MB in file size, and you’ll be good to go!


Image from jlavely64′s “Functions, Derivatives and Graphs”

4) Getting Creative with Keynote

Our classroom hero Shane Pransky has made math magic with Keynote and created a tutorial on how to make your own exciting imagery for your wnyrails.orgs from scratch.

5) Take your math games to another level with Jumble

Jumble is our newest game format in!, where players have to sort answers into the right order to get their points, rather than select a correct answer. This format was designed to increase concentration levels in any class, as guessing your way to the right answer is nearly impossible.

Read more about Jumble here!

If you want to try Jumble for your math class, this Jumble math, “Build the equations!”, will give you a flying start. In this math game your students will arrange symbols, numbers and words to create algebra equations. Play it in your class or build one on your own to take math learning to the next level.

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We really hope these 5 tips help you on your way to take math learning even further!

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