What Is The Derivative W.R.T Matrix Calculus You Need For Deep Learning

Where $mathbf{W} in mathcal{R}^{d imes D}$ and $mathbf(x)in mathcal{R}^{d imes 1}$

How to calculate $partial mathbf{Y}/partial mathbf{W}$ ?



Matrix calculus is used in such cases. Your equation looks like it”s from OLS (least squares) theory. In those you differentiate by vector $x$ some quadratic forms like $frac{partial (x”A”Ax)}{partial x}$. Look up relevant formulae in my link above.

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If you really are up to differentiating by matrices not vectors, you”ll end up with tensors. Tensors are fun, but so far I haven”t seem them used a lot in statistics. They”re ubiquitous in physics, btw. Again, follow the link I gave.


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