G-Integral – Lebesgue Integration

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Download PDF Abstract: In our recent work we proposed a generalization of the beta integral methodfor derivation of the hypergeometric identities which can by analogy be termed”the G function integral method”. In this paper we apply this technique to thecubic and the degenerate Miller-Paris transformations to get several newtransformation and summation formulas for the generalized hypergeometricfunctions at a fixed argument. We further present an alternative approach forreducing the right hand sides resulting from our method to a singlehypergeometric function which does not require the use of summation formulas.

Comments: 16 pages; no figures. wnyrails.org admin note: text overlap with wnyrails.org:1912.11266
Subjects: Classical Analysis and ODEs (math.CA)
MSC classes: 33C20, 33C60
Cite as: wnyrails.org:2001.03635
(or wnyrails.org:2001.03635v1 for this version)

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