Basic Geometry 9Th Grade Math, Geometry Lesson Plan Templates In 9Th Grade Math

There a two reviewing races; aimed at different grades. The teams start with the picture and the first question. When they have shown the answer they…

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Questions on calculating missing angles. Differentiated by color; red being easier; orange being medium difficulty and green being more challenging…




Work out the missing angles for the computer programmer using everything you know about parallel lines and their angle properties.


Can be used on a OHP or IWB. A simple spread sheet that produces a missing angle to be calculated. This can be used as a starter; wrap up or can be…

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Multiple SubjectsExpressing Geometric Properties with EquationsGeometric Measurement and DimensionHigh School
Print on card and cut out. Students play in pairs asking each other questions in turn. If they get the question right they get the card; if they get…
Starter Activity – Get students to work in pairs or threes; they should take it in turns to come and look at the poster; they have to remember what…

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This PowerPoint I used with my class for review of volume of various shapes. It contains all the handouts that the students will need; and it gives…
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