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This is a one page practice worksheet for a parallel lines with transversals unit. There are two proofs and a section on classifying angles.Students will need to know relationships between: – alternate interior angles – corresponding angles – vertical angles – consecutive interior angles

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This is a worksheet to get to know your students on the first day of school. Students are asked questions like “What is your favorite breakfast food?” and must answer the questions using mathematical expressions.I use this as a warm up before I'm ready to start class. It could be adapted for use


Introducing students to geometric proofs in a geometry class can be a difficult task for both teachers and students. I created this introductory lesson to help get my students' brains in gear. After teaching the first few introductory chapters the kids should have some understanding of basic defin


This Skills Practice Worksheet can be used by Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry or PreCalculus students. There are 41 radicals between 0 and 100 that can be written in simplest radical form. Take the challenge! It's a great activity to review or introduce simplifying radical expressions completely.
NEWLY REDONE – COMPLETELY REDRAWN!!!!Special Lines In Triangles Short Review/Practice Freebie!This documents contains an overview of the properties of medians, altitudes and perpendicular bisectors in triangles as well as diagrams. I have included two different versions:Version One: A sing
Multiple representations of linear and quadratic parent function.Multiple representations of “Is It a Function?” A lot of practice problems and please follow and leave feedback. KEY INCLUDED!!!
This FREE High School GEOMETRY spiral review & quiz resource can easily be used as HOMEWORK, WARM-UPS, or a DAILY MATH REVIEW! This resource was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and to help you easily track student progress. All pages are 100% EDITABLE (paid version) and easy to dif
27 questions all stuffed in to the same circle gives students a real challenge. This puzzle is great for any high school geometry lesson on circles. It contains angles with their vertex in the circle, on the circle, and outside of the circle. These angles are all made using diameters, chords, sec
This was my most popular download (in addition to my linear inequalities National Treasure free download).This is a great homework activity for the students to practice the distance and midpoint. I had them do this as a “sub” lesson plan, and it worked really well! 🙂
This is an algebraic application of solving for x with angles. Students have to be able to define angle relationships, set up equations correctly, solve for x, and then plug in to solve for unknown angle measures.Angle relationships included within this worksheet include: complementary angles, ve
Triangles and Congruency Method Practice FREEBIEThe resource included is designed as a quick check to see if students can identify which method or methods are being used to prove triangle congruent. Six diagrams are included that ask students to identify the method or methods that can be used to p

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Geometry Simplifying Square Roots Chart and Worksheet Freebie!To celebrate posting my 100th item, I decided to make free a chart that I created of the first 100 numbers squared and as simplified square roots. I have also included a 15 question worksheet that can be used an in-class assignment, a
ALGEBRA 1: Notes and assignment over Graphing Quadratics using the Axis of Symmetry, Vertex and a Table of Values. Notes consist of steps to graph and 3 detailed problems to use for guided notes. Assignment problems consist of 4 detailed problems that look like the notes. 2 pages of notes – 2 pag
This is a diverse project for a geometry unit. Students get to choose 3 projects they can do. It gives them options and can choose what they will enjoy doing the most. I give students this project at the beginning of a unit and it is due right before the unit test.A grading rubric is attached to
This math practice sheet is one of many developed by Jeff Millis for struggling students. This particular worksheet reinforces the concepts of area, perimeter, and circumference. This format is the perfect remedial tool for students who are falling behind because it is short and helps students self-
Algebra: Graphing Quadratics Using All Three Forms Quick Practice Freebie!This is a 5 question quick practice sheet on graphing quadratics using all three forms (Standard, Factored and Vertex). Students are given all three forms of a quadratic equation and asked to find the 1. Vertex2. Axis o
Right Triangles – Right Triangles Unit – The Laws of Cosines & Sines Quiz FREEBIE!!!In this FREE 6 question quiz you can assess student understanding of the Laws of Sines and Cosines (as used in acute and obtuse triangles). There are three questions on the Law of Sines (find a missing side,
These proofs related to parallel lines are all created for use around Thanksgiving. Students choose the correct reason for each step in the proof and then color the reason appropriately to match the key.
This worksheet contains 10 segment addition problems. 4 are only numbers and students will need to find the missing length. 4 contain expressions and students will need to set up an equation to solve for x. And the last 2 problems do not include a diagram and require students to set up an equation a
Free Preview of my “40 Weeks of Algebra Review for Geometry Students” worksheets. The topic of this worksheet is Solving Multi-Step Equations.If you enjoy this worksheet, please consider purchasing the full download, located here:40 Weeks of Algebra Review for Geometry Studentsand described belo
Multi-Step Special Right Triangles IThe problems provided challenge your students to apply their knowledge of 45°-45°-90° special right triangles and 30°-60°-90° special right triangles. Each set includes 8 multi-step, puzzle like exercises in which students must work their way through the diagram
Practice worksheet on identifying the included angle between two sides of a triangle and the appropriate use of Side-Side-Side and Side-Angle-Side Congruence.
This is a FREE coordinate geometry activity that I do with my students to introduce my unit on coordinate geometry. I have used this as young as sixth grade and as old as eleventh.Answer key is included!Check out my store and FOLLOW ME for more Middle School Math FREEBIES like this!

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