Introduction To Geometry Lesson Plans (Individual), Introduction To Geometry Lesson Plan

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Ready, set, fractions! In this hands-on lesson, your students will familiarize themselves with common fractions using concrete materials to practice splitting items into halves, thirds, and quarters.

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In this lesson, your students will become familiar with shapes by identifying them in real life. Your students will love identifying how many sides shapes have by drawing and counting them!


With this activity, students will identify shapes, build 3-D shapes, and practice describing shapes with a partner.


Use a scavenger hunt, art activity, and stickers to help kindergarteners understand shapes and positional language.


Provide students with an opportunity to identify the wholes that are correctly divided into halves, thirds, and fourths (equal shares). Use this activity alone as a support lesson or alongside Cookie Fractions Fun.
Geometry is a core of mathematics in the early years. Help students recognize and draw shapes given specific attributes such as the number of corners and sides. This lesson can be a stand-alone activity of paired with 2-D Shapes!
Look all around! We can find 2D shapes inside 3D shapes wherever we go! In this lesson, students will sort shapes and recognize the 2D components of common 3D shapes.
2D shapes are all around us! In this lesson students will explore the properties of four different shapes—triangles, circles, rectangles, and squares! They will learn that they can find these shapes anywhere in the world around us.
How do you build spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills while doing something that is fun? With tangrams! In honor of Chinese New Year, this lesson introduces your students to the Chinese puzzle of tangrams.
Students will love composing shapes using tangrams in this hands-on lesson! Use this plan alone or as a support lesson plan for the **Tangrams: An Ancient Chinese Puzzle** lesson plan.
Mae Jemison was the first African American female astronaut to enter space. Use the Get to Know Mae Jemison lesson plan to learn more about this famous scientist. Children will then read and write about her, and create their own paper rocket.
Help students color-code their way to multiplying fractions! Students will learn how to multiply fractions using area models. Use this lesson on its own or use it as support to the lesson Area Models and Multiplying Fractions.

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Students will love composing and decomposing two-dimensional shapes using tangram puzzle pieces. Use this plan alone or to frontload key vocabulary and concepts taught in the lesson plan **Know Your Shapes.**
Planning for a substitute in the classroom has never been easier than with this daily kindergarten sub plan! Your substitute can keep your students learning in your absence by using these lessons, worksheets, and activities.
Sorting takes on a new challenge for students in this activity which engages their critical thinking skills. As students determine defining attributes, they’ll figure out what makes a shape a shape!
Out for the day? That's no problem with this classroom packet. With this daily sub plan, you will soon be ready to have a substitute in the classroom. Your substitute teacher can keep your students learning in your absence by using these robust lessons, worksheets, and activities.
Perpendicular, intersect, parallel! In this lesson, students work in teams to complete a Frayer Model on each of these terms to become masters of geometry vocabulary. Teach this lesson on its own or as support to the lesson What's My Line?
Shapes, shapes everywhere! In this lesson, your students will identify shapes and differentiate between the geometrical figures. They will also learn about sides and angles in every shape.
Use this lesson to introduce the concepts of capacity and volume with young learners. This hands on lesson can be used as a scaffolded pre-lesson to Capacity Comparison.
Keep your third-grade classroom prepared with this daily sub plan! Your substitute can keep your students learning in your absence by using these expertly crafted lessons, worksheets, and activities. This teaching resource packet includes material covering nonfiction comprehension, opinion writing, geometry skills, and more.
Detective time! In this lesson, your students will become shape detectives and go on a shape hunt to find the missing shapes on a grid.
Go to any length to test your students' understanding of perimeter calculations. Students will use their understanding of the perimeter of rectangular shapes to create rectangles that have different side measurements but equal perimeters.
Your students will solve and create shape riddles while practicing their knowledge of shape attributes.

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Students will get hands-on experience manipulating shapes in this preschool-friendly activity. With the help of shape blocks and worksheets, little learners will get the hang of squares, triangles and rectangles in no time.”s geometry lesson plans amplify the importance aspects of geometry, especially in our everyday lives. Teachers will have kids noticing lines, circles, and other shapes in just about everything they see. We offer worksheets that feature geometry word problems, comparison of shapes, and more. Get started now in our assortment of interactive, themed worksheets!

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