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Geometry Review Packets + Editable QuizzesThis bundle contains review packets to review the topics below. Each packet has a corresponding quiz, with the exception of the constructions packet. Packet 1: Geometry Basics (Distance, Midpoint, Lines, Angle Relationships)Packet 2: LogicPacket 3: Relation

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This is a three-day packet of materials to review for the Geometry portion of the Math 1 EOC. It is geared toward the NC Math 1 standards, but works for most states. The packet includes “Problems of the Day' that can be used as a warm-up, Homework for each night, and practice problems for each day.
I found this idea from a blogger and used it as inspiration to create my own. I teach Geometry from the Glencoe McGraw-Hill Florida edition textbook. I gave this packet to my students to review for their EOC (end of course) exam. Along with problems, I have given them pages of reading and a list of
Have you used all the reviews in your textbook and you just want something for the last week of school before final exams? This 12 page review is perfect for students to go over the concepts “one more time” at the end of the year. You might want to give students the packet, let them get in groups
Texas Algebra and Geometry teachers will have a challenge this year preparing students for the Algebra STAAR exam. Planning as early as possible is the key and your time is precious! This resource contains everything you need to get your students where they need to be. Save over 20% by purchasing th
This Must-Have Bundle of 20 8th Grade Math Activities will test your students skills while keeping them engaged! This Unit bundles students expectations that address one-variable equations situations, total cost of repaying a loan, slope and y-intercept in proportional and non-proportional situatio

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This workbook includes worksheets for 18 basic Geometry concepts. Each worksheet packet covers terminology, equation(s) for each concept, practice problems using geometric shapes and word problems using algebra skills. These worksheets are designed for students to be self directed, so they are e
Time for year-end review for final exams or an EOC state test. Instead of standing and facilitating a review game—and coming up with it—or having your students work through large review packets, these review stations will build confidence in your students. I have found through the years that at sta
This is a PowerPoint presentation that accompanies the Geometry EOC Review Packet. This follows a three day review of the Geometry topics in Math 1. You do not need the Geometry EOC Review Packet to use this PowerPoint. The PowerPoint includes slides for warm-ups, lesson reviews on Pythagorean Theor
End the year and prepare your students for tests with this great EOC review packet in the form of a tabbed foldable Flip book!!! Help your students to organize, refresh, and remember important topics and concepts with this review packet covering over 50 topics. Click here if you are looking for
10 question test to review the Math 1 Geometry Standards. This item is included in a bundle with the Geometry EOC Review Packet.
This product contains a total of 104 problems that review all units from the Algebra I curriculum. It would be a great resource to review for Algebra I EOC tests or to review Algebra I topics at the beginning of Algebra II or geometry. The units included in this review are listed below. Problems in
This is a sample of my Algebra Review Bell Ringers. This represents one week of bell ringers. Each day there are 4 problems that are in a “We Do, You Do” format. If you teach Geometry, Algebra II or a College Ready Math course, then these bell ringers are for you. Help refresh your students over the

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