Hear Lil’ Wayne And Christina Milian’s “Drunk In Love” Remix

22 January 2015, 09:03 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

This is bad.

Look. I’m all in favour of a remix. I relish them. I welcome them, in fact. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it doesn’t apply because sometimes remixes are genuinely quite good and even when they’re mediocre I can still appreciate the effort. That being said, Christina Milian and Lil’Wayne’s remix of “Drunk In Love” is possibly the worst thing happening on the planet right now.

It’s unclear who conceptualised or sanctioned such an act, but the two have seemingly taken a song that was really quite good and done a horrible, horrible thing to it.

I woke up in that pussy and started stroking. You woke up and said ‘go baby’.

The actual first line in this song

Suffice to say, no one was into it. Like, at all. No one liked it. Not one soul. No. One.

The track is taken from Lil’Wayne’s latest mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait 2. Wayne and Christina Milian are believed to be in a relationship which would explain why her weak vocals are on this track because she definitely wasn’t ready. 

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Hear Milian and Wayne’s Remix below (I’m really sorry). 


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