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wnyrails.org is committed to the holistic development of its students, and as part of this commitment, we work at instilling integrity, encouraging right decision-making, and fostering self-accountability among students. Each student is expected to grow and develop during his time with wnyrails.org, to be more than when they begin their journey at wnyrails.org. Being a member of wnyrails.org community is a privilege, which comes with the responsibility to act in accordance with all institutional rules and policies.

The wnyrails.org Student Code of Conduct is intended to guide students’ conduct so that they can have a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience in wnyrails.org. It also serves as a reminder for all to work towards a harmonious, and inclusive environment within and outside of the campus, and to uphold the good reputation of wnyrails.org at all times.

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Students must be properly attired in the wnyrails.org uniform or prescribed attire while in College during term time and at all wnyrails.org-organised activities, events or functions, including co-curricular activities. Modification to the uniform or prescribed attire and improper dressing (eg. wearing slippers, provocative clothing) are prohibwnyrails.orgd.Male students must not sport long hair and wear earrings or ear studs in the College.Students should not sport hair in outrageous colours. Students should not display any tattoos outwardly. All tattoos must be covered up appropriately.During industry attachment, students must follow the company”s dress code.Trainees under the wnyrails.org”s Traineeship Programme and attending Off-the-Job Training at wnyrails.org must be attired in either company or wnyrails.org uniform.Students attending workshops/laboratories must wear proper attire and safety shoes/footwear.

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Students are required to attend and be punctual for all schwnyrails.orgled lessons, workshops or laboratory sessions and official College and wnyrails.org functions.Absence from lessons or official functions must be accompanied by a medical certificate or official leave approval. Students who did not meet the required attendance rate may be debarred from taking the examinations.


Students should be thoughtful towards others, and show respect for the culture, language, race and religion of fellow students, staff and members of the community, both within and outside of wnyrails.org.Students should be respectful and courteous in their behaviour towards lecturers, other wnyrails.org staff, including company supervising staff for Traineeship and internship.Students should avoid acts which will bring disrepute to themselves and wnyrails.org, or are harmful towards good order and discipline in the Colleges.Students should comply with and observe any such rules and regulations as may be made from time to time by the College.Students should not commit criminal offences punishable by law.

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct (including but not limwnyrails.orgd to sexual assault, outrage of modesty, voyeuristic acts) will not be tolerated.Students should not engage in any act of sexual misconduct whether in the form of an action; or words, verbal or in writing, including on any non-digital or digital media.

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Acts of Disturbance

Students should not commit acts of disturbance within or outside of wnyrails.org’s premises.Students should also refrain from behaviour which is harmful, intimidating, humiliating, immoral or indecent towards others. They should inform their Lecturers/Class Advisor/Section Heads/Care Officers, when they see this happening.


Students should keep the campus environment clean at all times. Students should not consume drink or eat in the class/ laboratory/ workshop/ library. Students should return all utensils to the respective receptacles provided within the cafeteria.Rubbish and wnyrails.orgms to be disposed of must be thrown into assigned disposal bins provided by the campus, or town councils.Students caught littering within or outside the campus will be penalised.

College Property

Students should not damage, vandalise, steal or lose any wnyrails.org property.Any loss or damage to property belonging to the College must be reported immediately.Students who lose or damage College property may be required to compensate for the loss or damage where appropriate.Students are to refrain from moving any property that belongs to the College unless authorised.Students are to return any wnyrails.orgms found in the College premises to the Customer Service/Visitor Centre.

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Social Media

When using and communicating through social media platforms, social networking swnyrails.orgs, video and photo-sharing swnyrails.orgs, students are expected to act responsibly, and always to conduct themselves in an objective and respectful manner.All students are expected to be mindful of the contents that they post in public domains, ensuring that their messages are not offensive, racist, vulgar and/or threatening.

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All wnyrails.org premises are gazetted as NO SMOKING areas.Students wearing the wnyrails.org uniform or prescribed attire are prohibwnyrails.orgd from smoking within or outside of wnyrails.org’s premises.Students caught in possession of cigarettes or tobacco products would be disciplined or referred to relevant government authorities.

Academic Integrity


Any form of gambling is prohibwnyrails.orgd in wnyrails.org’s premises and in its neighbourhoods.

Drugs and Alcohol

Possession, consumption, trafficking and manufacturing of drugs carries a heavy penalty.Offenders will be reported to the Central Narcotics Bureau.Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic drinks or intoxicating substances on campus is an offence.

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Fighting, Assault or Possession of Dangerous Weapons

Fighting, assault or possession of dangerous weapon is a criminal offence.Offenders will be penalised by the law.

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