What Is The Integral Of Sinx Formula, The Definite Integral Of Sinx From 0 To Pi


$x$ is a variable, which represents an angle of a right triangle, and the trigonometric sine function in terms of $x$ is written as $sin{x}$ in mathematical form. The indefinite integral of $sin{x}$ function with respect to $x$ is written in the following mathematical form in calculus.

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$displaystyle int{sin{x} ,}dx$

The integration of $sin{x}$ function with respect to $x$ is equal to sum of the negative $cos{x}$ and constant of integration.

$displaystyle int{sin{x} ,}dx ,=, -cos{x}+c$

Alternative forms

The integration of sin function formula can be written in terms of any variable.

$(1) ,,,$ $displaystyle int{sin{(b)} ,}db ,=, -cos{(b)}+c$

$(2) ,,,$ $displaystyle int{sin{(h)} ,}dh ,=, -cos{(h)}+c$

$(3) ,,,$ $displaystyle int{sin{(y)} ,}dy ,=, -cos{(y)}+c$


Learn how to derive the integration of sine function rule in integral calculus.

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