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The definite integralis the reversing of the process of differentiation. A definite integral is an integral which have an upper limit and a lower limit. The definite integral also find the area under the curve from the lower limit to the upper limit.

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What is a Definite Integral Calculator?

''sDefinite Integral Calculator'is an online tool that helps to calculate the value of the definite integrals for a given's online Definite Integral Calculator helps you to calculate the value of thedefinite integralsin a few seconds.

NOTE: Upper limit should always be greater than the lower limit.

How to Use Definite Integral Calculator?

Please follow the belowstepsto find the value of the definite integrals:

Step 1:Enter the function with respect to x in the given input boxes.Step 2:Click on the“Calculate” button tofind the value of the definite integrals for a given function.

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Step 3:Click on the“Reset” button to clear the fields andenter the different functions.

How to Find a Definite Integral Calculator?

Derivatives are defined as finding the rate of change of a function with respect to other variables. It deals with the variables such as x and y, functions f(x), and the corresponding changes in the variables x and y. The derivative of a function is represented by f '(x).

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Integration is defined as the reverse process of differentiation. The integration is represented by' ∫ '

Definite integrals areintegrals that have upper and lower limits. It is represented as(intlimits_a^b {fleft( x

The fundamental theorem of calculus tells us that to calculate the area under a curvey = f(x)fromx = a to x = b, we first calculate the integration g(x) of f(x)

(gleft( x
ight)= int {fleft( x

and then evaluateg(b) − g(a).That is, the area under the curvef(x) fromx=atox=bis

(intlimits_a^b {fleft( x
ight)dx = gleft( b
ight) – gleft( a

There are common functions and rules we follow to find the integration.

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Solved Example:Find the integration value of(intlimits_2^3 {(x + 3),dx})Solution:(= intlimits_2^3 {x dx} + intlimits_2^3 {3dx})(= frac{x^2}{2}>_2^3 + 3 x>_2^3)(=frac{1}{2} ( 3^2 – 2^2) + 3(3 – 2))=(frac{1}{2}(5) + 3)(=frac{11}{2})

Similarly, you can use the calculator to find the value of integrals for the following:

x3/ 2 for limits x = 2 to x = 54×2+ 6x for limits x = -1 to x = 2
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