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Causes: Children & Youth,Education,Educational Services,Homeless & Housing,Homeless Shelters,Youth Development

Mission: Offering hope to youth, providing for their needs and mentoring towards positive choices and healthy relationships.

Programs: During 2017 the organization changed the following educational programs:see explanation on schedule 0. during 2017 the organization provided the following outreach programs:homeless education liaison – provides individualized services such as free school supplies, clothing, mentorship, information and referrals, transportation assistance, and school fees to youth and their families in to order to guarantee equal access to education. Exodus house – provides twenty-four hour short term emergency shelter in a home setting. Provides shelter, food and other services for an average of 60-80 runaway and homeless youth per year. Summer lunch – provides nutritional needs of low income youth during the summer months with daily distribution of free usda sponsored nutritional lunches. Lunches available to children and youth ages 1-18. This past summer, 19,303 meals were served in just 10 short weeks. Youth center – provides an after-school program for 1st-6th graders and includes educational and enrichment activities, a usda sponsored snack food program and volunteer opportunities. An average of 60-80 youth come through the its doors daily. during 2017 the organization provided the following life skills programs:transitional living – provides housing options for homeless youth that are in a transitional living situation. Provides youth ages 16-22 with safe housing, and the independent living skills that the youth will need to become productive, self-supporting members of the community. Youth learn budgeting, banking, job maintenance and housekeeping skills, and will participate in community volunteer activities. Independent living – youth ages 14-21 are provided training to help them be better equipped for adulthood. With one-on-one mentoring, facilitated groups and case-management the youth are actively thinking and learning about what it will take to live successfully as an adult. Summer youth employment – youth ages 14-21 learn job search, job skills and job maintenance. With cooperation and partnership of various community partners 3-5 summer work crews are provided for 8-week projects. Youth have the opportunity to learn how to obtain and keep a job from the application process to final evaluation. Right the wrong – adjudicatd youth ages 14-17, are referred by the local juvenile justice system when community hours are part of their sentence. Youth work various jobs around the community for local non-profit and public sector organizations only.

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IYS serves as the umbrella agency overseeing a wide range of programs and services designed to benefit youth and their families. The various programs are designed to “integrate” with each other to satisfy any need a youth may have; whether physical, emotional, educational, spiritual, or vocational.

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