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Projected date at which a project will be put forward for the Board of Executive Directors’ approval.


Sergio Leal Aguirre, Carlos Cadena Ortiz de Montellano, René Jaime Mungarro, Antonio Zúñiga Hernández, José Soto Montoya, and Domingo Alberto Valdés Díaz

With this equity investment denominated in Mexican pesos, the IIC will support VINTE by shoring up its capital structure to facilitate the company’s expected growth in the coming years. It is anticipated that the proceeds of the investment will be used to purchase land for the construction of housing developments in central Mexico, including the states of México, Querétaro, and Hidalgo, as well as Quintana Roo.VINTE develops, promotes, designs, builds, and sells social- and popular-social-interest housing to middle- and middle-upper-income families in a number of Mexican states.

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VINTE’s subsidiaries are: (i) Promotora de Viviendas Integrales S.A. de C.V., which purchases and develops land for housing developments and sells housing units; (ii) Urbanizaciones Integrales Del Centro S.A. de C.V., which specializes in purchasing and developing land for housing developments, and selling housing units; (iii) Vinte Administración, Diseño y Consultoría S.A. de C.V., a housing property management and marketing company; (iv) Edificaciones e Ingeniería del Centro S.A. de C.V., which carries out the construction of VINTE housing developments and housing units; (v) Conectividad para el Hábitat S.A. de C.V., which provides all types of technology services to VINTE and its customers, and also markets technology services to the families residing in the company’s housing developments; and (vi) Comercializadora de Equipamientos y Mobiliario para la Vivienda S.A. de C.V., which sells household furnishings, major/minor household appliances, and accessories.

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With support from its subsidiaries, VINTE has to date built 14,290 dwellings in its housing developments under its “G7 Hábitat” concept. The company has also won six national housing awards and signed strategic agreements with a number of leading technology companies to promote the use of technology in social-interest housing.

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In October 2009, the company received Mexico’s National Housing Award (2008) for “best project implementation,” as well as a special award in the “sustainable housing development” category. In October 2010, VINTE once again received the National Housing Award (2009) in the “sustainable housing development” category. In June 2012, VINTE won the G20 Challenge on Inclusive Business Innovation and was nominated for the Financial Times/International Finance Corporation’s Sustainable Investment of the Year award.

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IDB Invest conducts an environmental and social due diligence (ESDD) commensurate with the nature, scale, and stage of the project, and with its level of environmental and social risks and impacts. The ESDD will confirm the project E&S categorization and assess the project with respect to the client requirements in IDB Invest Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy. The results of the ESDD, including any identified gaps are described in the Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) provided below. Any gaps with respect to the IDB Invest Sustainability Policy at the time of the ESDD are addressed in the Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) provided below.

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