If I Should, Then Is Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Worth It ? If I Should, Then Is Pokémon Ultra Sun Worth It

I am surprised by how it is still a $40 in demand game, but then again I am not so surprised by that. The last Pokemon game I got was Pokemon X, and it was the only Pokemon game I got for the 3DS. While the feedback seems to be mostly very positive, I have heard a number of people saying it isn”t that great, which is why I thought I would ask what everyone”s feelings are like at this point in time.

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If you enjoy heaps of unnecessary cut scenes that drag out an already dull game, then yes it”s worth getting.

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shaneoh Yikes! That is what I was afraid of, I might just download Pokemon Gold and save myself $30. To be honest I haven”t been a big fan of this 3DS generation of Pokemon titles, Pokemon Red and Gold were the ones I grew up with and I still seem to prefer those, especially since it has been forever since I played them.

I was hoping this would be a fun modern take on the series, but I guess like I might as well just wait for the new one coming out on the Switch. To be honest I kinda like the way that one is going back to basics, the 3DS games seemed to get a bit too complicated for my taste.

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The newer Pokemon games are actually criticized for being too easy and “hand holdy”. As for myself, I enjoyed regular Moon and have yet to finish Ultra Moon(Switch games got in the way) but so far I”ve enjoyed Ultra Moon.

The gen 7 games scrape the traditional gyms and replace them with trials. Trials are sidequest esque tasks with a large sized Pokemon serving as the boss at the end. As mentioned above there is more cutscenes and emphasise on the story. The gen 7 games aren”t everyone”s cup of tea and while they aren”t my favorite Pokemon games, I enjoyed them and appreciate the different approach to the formula.

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KryptoniteKrunch Yeah I mean I guess like “too complicated” wasn”t the right wording as it makes it sound like I found it too confusing or something lol. What I meant by that is that it just seems to have too much going on these days, like it got away from the more simple design of the earlier games.

It sounds like you enjoyed it anyways, I am fine with story so long as it isn”t too time consuming.

Tsurii wrote:

No offense but, at least in my book, all those people who keep whining about having the story at the center of an RPG are idiots.

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The issue isn”t that there is a story involved in a RPG. It”s that the story is longwinded and really not that good. There doesn”t need to be a ten minute cut scene every time you enter a new route. Nor does the game need to hand control back to the player and then take it away literally a minute later. To put it in perspective, it takes a fifty minutes to an hour to get from the opening cinematic to the first pokemon centre in S&M, and that is with only engaging in a couple of wild battles, avoiding all non-forced trainer battles, no battle animations and fast text speed. I know, I”ve done it several times, fifty minutes is the best you can do and I don”t even know if that includes the opening cinematics. It shouldn”t take take long, and the problem is the terrible story.

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shaneoh Sounds pretty typical for a Japanese RPG in my experience, the stories rarely grab my attention and come off as long winded sometimes. I did hear how the first Sun and Moon games were notably worse than Ultra Sun and Moon when it comes to the hand holding though, but I was hoping Ultra didn”t have the similar issues.

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This question should either go on the thread for this game, or in the 3DS recommendations thread. Thanks.

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