Jeffree Star strips completely naked on Instagram

21 November 2019, 15:47 | Updated: 21 November 2019, 20:16

Er, so, Jeffree Star is definitely enjoying Bora Bora…

Jeffree Star is truly living his best life. After launching his insanely successful Conspiracy collection collaboration with Shane Dawson, the YouTuber decided to celebrate turning 34 and jet off to Bora Bora with his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt and a group of friends.

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Jeffree has been making pretty much everyone jealous, showing off the view from his hut amongst, um, other things. Jeffree shared a whole lot on his Instagram page on Wednesday (21 Nov) posting a butt naked pic on his page.

Jeffree Star in Bora Bora.
Jeffree Star in Bora Bora.

jeffreestar via YouTube, @jeffreestar via Instagram

In the snap, Jeffree is catching some rays on a sun-lounger with his head buried into a towel. The Jeffree Star Cosmetics boss decides to give his designer shades a rest, instead opting for a Louis Vuitton visor to block out the French Polynesian sun. That’s pretty much it for Jeffree’s outfit because he went completely naked from the neck down, showing off his impressive collection of tattoos and… pretty much everything else.

Jeffree looked pretty knocked out and he needs his strength, according to his caption. “Taking a nap before a threesome and scuba diving,” he wrote. I-

As you can imagine, the internet declared it was a whole mood.

It seems to be a very active holiday for Ms Star, who recently confessed to breaking a nail whilst having sex with his boyfriend. Jeffree then had to frantically look for superglue on the tiny island to repair it.

Nathan Schwandt on Jeffree Star's Instagram Story.
Nathan Schwandt on Jeffree Star’s Instagram Story.

@jeffreestar via Instagram

He said on his Instagram Story: “Now has anyone else ever broken a nail while having sex? Girl. […] We tried something different and it didn’t work but bitch these nails are still fucking sickening.”

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