Lab 14-2 Working With The Registry Editor In Windows 7, 0X8024500C Regedit

Over time within it is possible to make a wide array of customisations to your user settings and also your user interface. It can be hard to keep track of these changes if you are editing them on a daily basis like I do. Also, we all know that system updates have been known to damage registry files that needs to be able to function correctly.

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So if you would like to fully reset all of your preferences, or if you have noticed strange behaviour or missing icons since a recent Windows update. One option to resolve your issues it to reset the registry entry for

Firstly, be very careful when making modifications to the registry as this may cause serious instability on your system. As such, you will need full administrative permissions on your computer to be able to edit them.

The following guide illustrates how to create a fresh copy of the registry for the current user of the machine in a Windows environment. This registry includes the system options and customisations that a particular user has set up. Examples of the types of elements that this controls are file locations, custom toolbars and system options. By creating a fresh copy of this registry, you will revert for the current user back to default settings as if is a new installation.

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This process will not work correctly if is currently running, so the first step is to save all relevant work and exit

The registry is controlled by your operating system and in Windows the process for accessing the registry is as follows;


If you would like to check the Registry Editor again at this point, either by opening a new session (as per step 1), or by selecting View – Refresh (f5) in the menus of the Registry Editor, you will see that a new folder has been created with the same name as the original folder that you renamed.

This is an important point to make because having the new copy and the original renamed folder allows you to revert back to the previous settings should the generation of a new registry folder fail to solve any issues, or if you would like to revert back to your previous settings. The process for reverting back is very simple. Ensure is closed, delete the ‘new’ registry folder created in the above steps, and then rename the original folder back to its original name.

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