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Jennifer Whitlock, RN, MSN, FNP-C, is a board-certified family nurse practitioner. She has experience in primary care and hospital medicine.

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Scott Sundick, MD, is board-certified in general surgery and vascular surgery. Since 2012, he has practiced with The Cardiovascular Care Group in New Jersey.

If you”re having surgery—even a minor procedure—the doctor may order blood tests. While interpreting blood tests are best left to a physician, it may be helpful to understand what the test is looking for, and what”s considered a “normal” result.

There are hundreds of different blood tests that can be performed in a lab, but the most common are performed routinely before and after surgery; these tests are very common and should not be cause for alarm.

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The providerwants to make sure the patient is in the best possible health for the procedure and to diagnose any conditions that could cause preventable complications. Blood testing is also often done after a procedure to look for bleeding, and to make sure that the organs are functioning well after surgery.

Many times these tests are performed routinely, often the night after surgery. This does not mean that there is an expectation that something is wrong, most often these tests confirm that everything is going well after surgery.

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Patients in the ICU can expect to have more frequent blood tests.If you are on a ventilator you can expect an arterial blood gas to be drawn daily or even more often.

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Chem 7

Also known as a blood chemistry, chemistry panel, or basic metabolic panel, this test looks at the levels of essential enzymes in the blood and also checks kidney function. In addition, the glucose level in the blood is obtained through this test and can indicate if a person needs furthertesting for diabetes.

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