Pokemon Crystal Master Balls In Pokémon Gold/Silver, Who Should I Use My Masterball On

thats kinda difficult.first you would need at least one of these pokemon:pidgey,poliwag,or diglet.then give the Master Ball to ONE of these three pokemon .clone that pokemon and it should clone the pokemon and the Master Ball. BUT YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE MASTER BALL AWAY FROM THE CLONE POKEMON AND RELEASE IT!

To clone pokemon on the PC version using an emulator. Have like 6 Pidgeys with aMasterball or any item you want to clone. Then, after you attach them, go to a PC. Savebefore doing this. Now, access the PC and go to Bill”s PC and switch boxes. Then Depositthe Pokemon with the item.After that, Switch Boxes again. Turn off the Gameboy when itsays “SAVING… DONT TURN OFF THEPOWER” (Let the whole thing come up.)-Turn the power back on.-You will have the Pokemon with the Item in your party and your PC.If you anytype of Pokemon questions you need, go to http://poke-tech.webs.com/answers.htm

LOL people are So cool everbody this is not a cheat it”s true the world is so cool if anybudy has qustiones please rigt back P.S Aleks Peach

Guys, I cant do it on pc, when u say I must save, must I go to the pokemon menu to save,or the emulator menu?

Please reply we search cloning master balls not pokemon goddamit and i skip school tosearch dis for nothing at all and my key board broke now its a new key board this fornothing at all -_-

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After u have been in dragons den (behind blaire”s gym) prof elm calls you, you return tohim, and he gives it to you.

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Me and a friend just jailbroke our phones i got the crystal on the emulator and i cantcath raikou, can someone help me out

And cloning items is the same fkin thing guys, it is the only way to clone items… Stopbeing angry children…

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