Pokemon Hall Of Fame ! – Battling Into The Hall Of Fame!

3. Any Extra Pokemon I used throughout my Adventure, but didn’t use in the Pokemon League ( if there”re none then I just wont mention it )

4. An interesting part/story from the experience

By the way, I’ll be going in Generational Order, not the order that I played each game. I”ll also only be telling you my first Playthrough of each game and No more. e.g: If I played both Diamond and Pearl, It”s just what ever one I play first, but stuff like Platinum, that”s different. Also since I have 14 teams to tell you about, I will 7 teams in this post and 7 in another because if I didn”t do that, this post will be way too long. So Let’s Get Into It.

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My first ever Pokemon Game, Let”s Go Pikachu. ( don”t hate me I know I”m not an OG shut up, I also didn”t have a 3DS at the time I played this game ) This Team considered of Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Mew Please the Dragonite and the Pokeball plus Mew. The MVP would definitely be the Dragonite. Funny story about this Dragonite, when I was doing online Link trades on this game, I luckily obtained the Dragonite through the trade that was named “Mew Please” and I still had my Mew, I remember being so happy that I tricked this person into trading some random jigglypuff for this Lvl 55 Dragonite. Going through the last 2 gyms and Elite Four for the first time, I decided to use specific typed Pokemon for the correct matchups. But that wasn”t working, I didn”t use my Pikachu making it underleveled that I had to beat most of the Elite Four members with Either Dragonite or Mew.

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3DS VC Team


Gameboy Team

Next, I’m gonna talk about is my team for Pokemon Red on the Virtual Console. ( this isn’t my first playthrough of Kanto btw ) My team was Turts the Blastoise, Genius the Kadabra, ( didn”t have anyone to trade with ) Magnet Dude the Magneton, Bruce Lee the Hitmonlee, Big Fart ( yes, I’m not kidding. BIG FART. ) the Weezing and Rock Flyer the Aerodactyl. After I defeated Giovanni and obtained the 8th Gym Badge, My team’s levels was around Late 30s, early 40s. But then I found out about the *Infamous* MissingNo Glitch, where you have infinite rare candies or master balls. So I made my Team level 100 from the missing no glitch and steamrolled the elite four. The MVP on my Team, since they were all Level 100, I don’t really know. I guess probably Aerodactyl.

Now for the Gameboy version. For this team, Apparently I nicknamed ( well nearly ) every single Pokemon after a popular meme. My team for this game was Narrly A-word the Charizard, ( it’s a joke that one of my friends had, and he said that I should name my Starter that Joke ) Top Banter the Raticate, ( Ooh, this is GREAT BANTER. ) Smoke Weed the Vileplume, ( You know. ThE tHiNg FrOm FoRtNiTe!!!111!!!!1!! Just kidding, I know who snoop dogg is, don’t come after me. I think I knew who snoop dogg was before I even started playing fortnite. ) Legend the Mew, ( Bloody Legend ) CandyEevee the Vaporeon, and Lord Helix the Omastar. ( ALL PRAISE LORD HELIX!! ) The other member that was used not in the League was Ya Mum. You know, your mum! ( I”m sorry ) It was a Golbat named Ya Mum. So one time at school in year 7, I brought my gameboy to school with Pokemon Red, one kid wanted a go on it, I said “yeah, sure!”” Then he went and caught a Zubat, because I was in mount moon. I used it on my Team until the elite four, where I finally considered “Golbat sucks.” I also used the missingno glitch again like last time and My MVP was definitely Legend the Mew.

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Next up is my first Playthrough of Johto being my Pokemon Crystal on the Virtual Console. My team was Croc the Feraligatr, Genius the Kadabra, ( didn’t have anyone to trade with ) CandyEevee the Jolteon, ( I wonder where I got that name from ) Pony the Rapidash, Rhino Guy the Rhydon and Snake the Arbok. My MVP was definitely Genius the Kadabra. Jolteon and Arbok didn’t do anything in the Pokemon League and they were both useless. My Red Team didn”t add anything because after beating 2 gyms in kanto, I decided “Hey, I”m gonna transfer everything up to Gen 7 now and delete the file because this is boring.” Yeah that’s my experience, deal with it.


Next up is my first Playthrough of Alola being Pokemon Moon, If you wonder why the team is like this and has a dang Mewtwo, I transferred lots of Pokemon from Pokemon Bank, So I can have a Cool Team. When I got this game, It was preowned, and I transferred the Preowned Pokemon out of there into Bank. I got a Pikachu from that file and evolved it into an Alolan Raichu. So my team considered of Lit the Incineroar, Dragon Guy the Dragonite, Rhydon, Alolan Raichu, Mutant Guy the Mewtwo and Planty the Venusaur. My MVP was Obviously Mutant Guy the Mewtwo.

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Now, We’re going back to Generation 2 with my Pokemon Gold on the Virtual Console. My Hall Of Fame Team was Fire King the Typhlosion and Dragon Guy the Shiny Red Gyarados. The Pokemon added to my team for the Red fight was Spaghet the Tangela, Teddy the Ursaring, Big Rock the Graveler and Monster the Onix. ( I didn’t have anyone to trade with ) Fun story about the Lance Fight, I did some weird strategy I call “The Revive Revival”. When I started the Lance Fight, his Gyarados knocked out my Typhlosion, Then I went to my Gyarados, revived Typhlosion, wait for my Gyarados to faint, switch into Typhlosion, etc. My MVP was definitely Dragon Guy the Shiny Red Gyarados.

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Next up is Pokemon Silver, on the gameboy this time. Fun little story, when I got my Gameboy Colour with my Copies of Red and Silver of Trade Me, the Battery for Silver was dead. So I just never turned my Gameboy off until I completed Silver, like when I went to sleep I kept the gameboy on with the music muted. When I saved and turned it off after beating Red, It said New Game when It loaded up. One side of my brain was thinking “Oh my god, I just lost all this save data. I’m so pissed!” and the other side was thinking “Meh, I couldn’t transfer it anyway! So what’s the point?!” So my Hall of Fame team for this game was Croc the Feraligatr and Eggster the Togepi. My Red team added Hoe the Ho-Oh. My MVP was definitely Hoe the Ho-Oh.

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