Pokemon Life Size Plush – Giant Pokémon Plushes, Ranked

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Any self-respecting Pokémon fan has an ever-growing collection of plush toys crowding their desk, bed and/or car. Every so often though, a new plush comes out that deserves its own place of honor in your space. I’m talking, of course, about giant stuffed Pokémon.

While all jumbo Pokémon plushes are beautiful and deserving of love, some are objectively better than others. We’ve ranked these large friends, using a strict rubric that takes cuteness, size, accuracy and accessibility into account. Here are the top five contenders.

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Honorable mention: Entei


Entei plush, $4,277.96 at eBay greenhill-hedgehog at eBay A Little Sebastian-sized legendary beast should be on this list, if not number one. However, this giant plush was recalled by the Pokémon Center and is only available from resellers for thousands of dollars. If there are any Pokémon-loving millionaires reading this who are willing to shell out $4,000 for a toy, though, this one’s for you.

#5: Rayquaza


Rayquaza plush, $36.74 at Amazon The Pokémon Company International Look, Rayquaza is not a cute Pokémon, and cute is generally what you’re going for with stuffed toys. While not quite huggable, this two-and-a-half foot plush is one of the most affordable giant Pokémon toys out there, and pretty cool to have around if you’re a Ruby/Sapphire fan.

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#4: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle


Charmander plush, $27.99 at eBay The Pokémon Company International


Squirtle plush, $23.99 at eBay The Pokémon Company International


Bulbasaur plush, $46.80 at eBay The Pokémon Company International Charmander is objectively the best starter Pokémon (don’t
me). However, in terms of adorableness, they cannot be ranked. All three of these jumbo cuties are available at the Pokémon Center, though in a rare turn of events they’re cheaper at resellers. At 20”-24”, they’re not big enough to rank higher, but they’re still cute as heck and some of the most affordable jumbo plushes out there.

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#3: Pikachu


Pikachu plush, $249.99 at the Pokémon Center The Pokémon Company International Pikachu is the iconic Pokémon for good reason. He’s freakin’ adorable and instantly recognizable. This plush loses a few points for accuracy, though: The Pokédex entry for Pikachu lists him at 1’4”, and this one is over three feet tall.

#2: Lapras


Lapras plush, $249.99 at the Pokémon Center The Pokémon Company International While a truly life-sized Lapras would be the size of a small sailboat, a nearly four-foot plush toy is about as close as you can get. Unfortunately, this 47-inch friend is also exclusive to Japan; U.S.-based Pokémon trainers will have to settle for a 34-inch version from the Pokémon Center.

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#1: Snorlax


Snorlax bean bag chair, $149.99 at ThinkGeek ThinkGeek The clear winner here is ThinkGeek’s Snorlax bean bag chair. It’s the biggest, coziest and most thematically appropriate plush on the list. Taking a nap on a sleepy Pokémon is the height of luxury. This might be a controversial pick — does a bean bag really count as a plush? To that I say: What’s a plush if not a tiny bean bag?

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