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Games Showcase Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Online Started by johnkapid February 9th, 2011 9:27 AM


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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Online/ Pokémon Fushigi no Dungeon Online


PMDOnline is a MMO that is based on the popular spin-off game of Pokémon which is Mystery Dungeon series.Usually, MMOs like this are made in Eclipse, it”s the first time the MMO was made in another engine.Wanna play something else? Guilds, Teams and Outlaws are available in this game. The dungeons are really randomated here this time and you follow a real storyline just like playing the offline mystery dungeon series! The suspense can build up, each month can have a different ending! Be an outlaw or be a Team Leader, and more! Teamwork is your best weapon! Also, you can go back and fourth between the Poke and Human world too.
A disaster comes in out of nowhere… A surprise for both the human world and the Pokémon world.Darkrai arises to take the 6 gems that balance the world. Gardevoir calls you in a dream, calling you saying that your destiny is unavoidable. You receive a mail to go to a cruiser that leads to the Pokémon world, once you have gone. There is no turning back.The 3 regions start to collapse as the world”s balance disappear.Stolen by an unknown Pokémon, the legends start to go crazy and must be awakened in order to maintain the balance until all of the gems are returned.And as you, one of the chosen ones came into this world…became as a Pokémon who can understand the whole Pokémon language.Will journey unto an unescapable quest to save the world as a hero remembered in time.Along side a empathetic Pikachu and a peculiar Buneary, who was once a humanbut chosen as the true saviors who will also need your help to start until the endto restore the other side of the world of mystery.

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– Massively Multiplayer Online Capabilities- 100% Online Gameplay- Over 200 playable maps!- Tons of player-based events!- Holiday Events!- Storage- Bank- Working Game Patcher that easily allows updating the game as well as bringing you new information- New Areas are released quickly and efficiently through the use of the Working Game Patcher.- Chat system- Trade system- Fully functional mouse system- Fully functional interface and HUD- Stat Leveling system- Real-Time Action Battle System (ModdedNetVTP)- Explosive spells, items, weapons- Ranged spells/skills- Buff spells/skills/items- Main story quests for experience- Dozens of side quests for experience and better gear- Tons of playable minigames- In-Game Guild Creation System- Spinda”s Cafe- Evolution- Special Episodes which will reveal the past and future- Ranks- Job Bulletin Boards- Fusion Skills- Double Team- Power Skills- New Towns and old towns in one game- Play as human!- And alot more!(Long list isn”t it?)

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