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A large amount of maps were archived in the source code, albeit with a lot of them being subject to what was either corruption or incorrect parameters. Despite this, these maps give us an incredibly informative glimpse regarding how the region of Kanto evolved over time.

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“Version 1”


The earliest known iteration of Kanto, which appears to date back to around 1992. While the overworld layout had already been established, many of the routes at this point are just blank roads, while several cities barely have anything in them. The overworld tiles are also much simpler and cruder than in later iterations, with perspective namely being amiss and the artstyle being radically different.

Though in surprisingly good shape, this version of Kanto does however contain instances where a map uses the wrong blocks. The first one is a wall portion with a “CVS” sign on it, and, as seen by its placement, it appears to have once been a duplicate four-block block that was ultimately overwritten. The other incorrect block is a garbled mess of sign corners, which as seen in the “Kanto V1” block file was used as padding near the end of the list. As such, it”s clear that there are actually different instances of this block where a certain one should be used. As such, the reconstructions that will be provided will use educated guesses when it comes to what goes where.

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Incorrect BlockProper Block



Only contains two small buildings, meaning that Professor Oak”s lab is absent, with him either living with his family or having his lab in another city. The map is also surrounded by water on all sides, instead of just having a beach to the south. Trees also encircle the town, as opposed to the final games” pillars. Tall grass is also found inside the town, as well as a few other cities throughout Kanto, though whether this was standard tall grass or purely decorative weeds is unknown.

Route 1

Early MapFinal Map

Is more densely wooded, features less tall grass, and has a more natural curvy path. Also worth noting is that across this iteration of Kanto are a series of numbered signs, with them likely intended to display the current route”s number. However, they all state “15”, likely because the other number tiles had not been implemented yet.

Viridian City

Early MapFinal Map

The overall layout is the same, though the body of water is missing, and the way to Route 22 is blocked off by fences. As for the wooded area, it is found in the upper-right corner of town as opposed to the upper-left one, and its shape seems to indicate it had originally been designed to hold items.

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Interestingly, the roads exiting town are paved, while Route 1 and 2 are completely grassy. This is perhaps a leftover from an even earlier iteration of Kanto, where Route 1 and 2 were still placeholder paved roads.

Route 2

Early MapFinal Map

The lower half of this route is the most different, featuring more tall grass as well as a river and bridge which are nowhere to be seen in the final games. A clearing sits where Viridian Forest normally lies, and the entrance to Diglett”s Cave is quite larger. No houses nor gates are present in this iteration.

Pewter City

Early MapFinal Map

While the layout is somewhat similar, this area is nonetheless very different. Namely, where the Gym normally lies is a large C-shaped building, and the two bodies of water swapped with an enclosed flower patch. The paved road oddity from Viridian City also makes a return here. Interestingly, there are mountains to the north of the city, as there would later be in HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Route 3

Early Map

The first of the placeholder routes. Indeed, virtually all routes in this iteration of Kanto are wide empty roads, the latter ones styled as highways, with the corresponding route number written out of tall grass, though Route 3 notably lacks the latter aspect.

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Route 4

Early Map

A stand-in for Route 4, whose later half lacks pavement altogether.

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Cerulean City

Early Map (Original)

Has a completely different layout, and only shares the fact that it is a city surrounded by water. Namely lacks the entrance to the Unknown Dungeon, and has a rather odd looking pretzel-shaped Inn.

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