Pokemon Stadium N64 Rom Download For N64, Pokémon Stadium

Pokemon Stadium is a role-playing game meaning its a single player game where you are in a competition with other Pokemon trainers and you are battling with three vs three Pokemon.

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File Name: Pokemon Stadium (Europe).zip
Console/System: N64
Genre: Role-playing
Filesize: 26.51MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1999
Downloads: 40167

Important!! In order to be able to play this game you need an emulator installed. See the full list of available Nintendo 64 emulators for this game.
Pokemon Stadium (EU) ROM Download for N64

Pokemon Stadium (EU), released in the year 2000, is a strategy video game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64. The game consists of 151 Pokemon from the Game Boy games like Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Red, and Pokemon Blue.

Pokemon Stadium is different from other role-playing video games as it does not have a well-defined world or storyline like the rest of the Pokemon games. Here the players challenge the trainers to defeat at a Stadium as a tournament. The key focus of the game is to complete the four stadium cups, each of which is a series of three-on-three Pokemon encounters against an organized list of opponents.


The players can use the Transfer Pak accessory, which was bundled with the game that allows the players to store, view, organize, battle, and trade their Pokemon, which is uploaded in Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Yellow, and Pokemon Red. Apart from these, the game features mini-games such as the Victory Palace, Free Battle, Oak”s Lab, a Game Boy Tower, Gallery, and Battle Now.

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Best Emulator for Pokemon Stadium (EU) ROM

If you wish to play the Pokemon Stadium (EU) ROM, then before downloading the actual game, you need to first download and install theNintendo 64emulator on your device. Some of the all-time best Nintendo 64 emulators are Project 64, Sixtyforce, Virtual Console, Mupen64, TR64, Project Unreality, ePSXe, UltraHLE, Project64k, Mupen64, and much more.

Similar Games

If you had a blast while playing Pokemon Stadium, then you should definitely try playing other Pokemon games, too, as I know you”ll love them. Three of the Pokemon Stadium ROM related games are:

Pokemon Red and BlueIn Pokemon Red and Blue, the player takes control of the protagonist from an overhead view and navigates him around the fictional area of Kanto and as he is on a quest to master Pokemon battling. The player strives to become the Indigo League”s champion by defeating the Gym Leaders and also the Elite Four, who are the top four Pokemon trainers in the land.Pokemon Yellow Version: The Special Pikachu EditionThe Pokemon Yellow version is an upgraded version of its previous version Pokemon Red and Blue, and the player here uses their Pokemon to battle against the other Pokemon. The player can choose one move out of the four moves for their Pokemon, which includes an attempt to fly, exchange or switch their active Pokemon, and use an item.

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Pokemon Stadium 2Pokemon Stadium 2 features all of the 251 Pokemon from the first and second generations of the Pokemon franchise. Pokemon Stadium 2 takes place in the fictional world of White City, where several facilities for organizing, researching, battling, and playing with Pokemon are located.A new feature added in Pokemon Stadium 2 is a Free Battle mode, where the players may conduct and practice battles. There is also a Mini-game Park area in the fictional world, where player up to four can play 12 separate Pokemon-themed mini-games.

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