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Arceus, the legendary Pokémon who created the Universe was the mightiest Pokémon but unfortunately, he got himself sealed in between Time and Space. He asked Mew and Rayquaza for help and told them about the situation by telepathy.Arceus – Mew, Are you listening to me?Mew – Yes, Lord Arceus.Arceus – I have got myself in a trouble. Can you please help me?Mew – I know you are entrapped in between Time and Space but I fear I cannot. Maybe Dialga and Palkia may help?Arceus – If you don’t mind, can you tell them?Mew – But Arceus, you are the most powerful Pokémon. Why couldn’t you?Arceus – I don’t understand why and how but I am in a trouble.Mew – Lord Arceus, last night I had a vision.Arceus – What?Mew – I have already told you that 100 years of imprisonment are going to be over and I fear Darkrai will again try to capture the Tree of Life.Arceus – Yes, I know but none can revive him without the Dark Stone.Mew – Last night, I saw that Darkrai has revived back Zekrom and together they had killed me.Arceus – What! You, too, saw the same vision.Mew – What did you mean? Did you see the same too?Arceus – Yes.Mew – Could this mean that this is the future?Arceus – I think it’s not.Mew – I think I should form the Team of Legendary Five.

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Then Mew went to gather Pokémons to help. Meanwhile, in the Dark Isle, Darkrai had the same vision in which he had destroyed the Tree of Life and has killed Mew. He became overjoyed as hundred years of imprisonment were going to end.In the town of Gracidea, Grovyle wanted to join the Pokémon Guild but he needed a partner Pokémon. No one wanted to join him, he became sad and went to the Glory Forest.Grovyle – What should I do? Am I so bad that no one wants to become my partner? O! Lord, I want to become an explorer, Please, help me.

Grovyle was too sad and he knelt upon his knees. Suddenly, he casted his glance around the forest and he saw someone lying under the tree. He went near him and realized that the Pokémon was unconscious. He woke him up by giving him Oran berries and other berries and asked him who he was.Grovyle – Who are you? And what are you doing here, in the Glory Forest???? – I am … and I don’t know.Grovyle – What? You don’t know your name.

??? – I am … Yes, I remember my name is Pikachu.Grovyle – You seems to be Pikachu but I wanted to know what you are doing here.Pikachu – I don’t know what am I doing here and I don’t know how I came here. I know just one thing that I was running with my friend and then we parted.Grovyle – Your friend? Who? I found no one here.Pikachu – I don’t remember.Grovyle – Hey! Pikachu, would you like to come with me to my tree?Pikachu – Okay, I’ll come.Grovyle – Thanks, this way.

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Then Pikachu and Grovyle went to the Grovyle’s Tree but suddenly, they heard a blast in the forest, when they came out, Zoroark attacked them.Grovyle – Who are you?Zoroark – I am Zoroark. Give me the relic stone you have.Grovyle – Relic…What?Zoroark – Don’t pretend. Just give it to me.Pikachu – Stay away from him.Zoroark – What will you do, yellow mouse?Then Zoroark attacked Grovyle and snatched the stone from him and ran deep in the forest. Grovyle and Pikachu followed him and at the end of the dungeon, they successfully, got the Relic Stone and defeated Zoroark but he ran away.Pikachu – What is this Relic Stone?Grovyle – I don’t know why he was calling this a Relic Stone. I found it here in the Glory Forest and I named it as Relic Fragment but he…Anyways, leave it, out of syllabus. Pikachu, I want to ask something.Pikachu – Yes.Grovyle – I want to become an explorer and I need a partner.Pikachu – Then…Grovyle – Would you like to join me? If you don’t mind.Pikachu – Join…you…Of course why not?Grovyle – Thank you. We’ll form the best team ever. Let’s enroll ourselves at the Pokémon Guild.Pikachu – Let’s go.

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Then Grovyle and Pikachu registered themselves and formed the Team POKÉMON. And there, their training began.Grovyle – My vision has now become true. I am very grateful to you, Pikachu.Pikachu – No, it’s all because of you.

Then they went to sleep and called it a day. Meanwhile, Mew was afraid of her vision.

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From where Pikachu came all of a sudden? Mew, Darkrai and Arceus had the same vision, Has this a connection with the event going to happen in future? Why Zoroark attacked Grovyle for the Relic Stone? To know the answer of these questions, watch next part.

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