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If you’re a fan of the multiplayer in Pokémon games, we are certain you’ll absolutely love playing against your friends in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

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There are all your standard Pokémon battle modes such as single, double and multi battles for you to indulge in, but there is one standout new addition that brings a whole new kind of fun to the table: Battle Royal. This exciting new battle format pits you up against three other players simultaneously in an all-out, fast-paced brawl.

Each player must pick three Pokémon from their party to participate in the fight, sending one out at a time, and once all of one player’s Pokémon have been defeated, the Battle Royal ends. The player with the most knock-outs and Pokémon remaining wins.

This brand-new way to play is incredibly fun, especially as it makes you think strategically about who the best person to attack is or when to use defensive moves to best protect your Pokémon from defeat.

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All the multiplayer modes are available via the Festival Plaza – Pokémon Sun and Moon’s new multiplayer hub area – and can be accessed at any time from the touch screen.

When you meet other players online or locally, their character will show up in your Festival Plaza and you can interact with them, rewarding you with Festival wnyrails.orgins. Sometimes a character may ask you to fulfil a request or will simply just want you to listen to what they’ve been up to recently. The more players you meet and speak to, the more FC you will receive and the higher your Festival Plaza rank will grow.

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You can also trade Pokémon with the players you meet in your Festival Plaza, whether it be online or local trading.

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As you level up your Plaza, new shops and businesses will bewnyrails.orgme available for you to spend your Festival wnyrails.orgins at. What’s amazing about this is that every players’ Plaza is unique as you can customise and switch up what shops are available.

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Once your Festival Plaza hits a certain rank, you will able to host missions both online and locally. These are a set of enjoyable mini-games that set you and your friends against each other in order to achieve a certain goal. Global missions which involve everyone will also be held occasionally, although it is uncertain what these will entail yet.

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Overall, the multiplayer features in Pokémon Sun and Moon are incredibly entertaining and a whole new ball game – we love it. The Battle Royal mode is by far the best feature and is the perfect way to freshen up Pokémon multiplayer, although we can’t help but wish there was more than one new battle mode… Hopefully in future Pokémon titles, Nintendo will wnyrails.orgntinue to add more.

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