Earning Money In Pokémon Sun/Moon: Pokemon Sun And Moon Money Making

In need of some extra cash while travelling the Alola Region? Here’s a helpful Pokemon Sun and Moon guide that details a few ways to easily and quickly earn money.

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pokemon sun and moon pokemon throwing mini-game

In need of some extra cash while travelling the Alola Region? Here’s a helpful Pokemon Sun and Moon guide that details a few ways to easily and quickly earn money.

Even in its 20th year, the Pokemon franchise is showing no signs of slowing down. The latest iteration of the creature catching series known as Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon takes players to a Hawaiian inspired location called Alola.

In addition to a number of new gameplay mechanics and features such as Z-Moves and Alolan Forms of familiar Pokemon, there are plenty of new opportunities to spend a little hard earned cash as well. While various items such as healing potions, pokeballs, and other products are still important, shops around the region have plenty of new clothing options as well, provided trainers have the money.

Players looking for some easy money in order to purchase that shiny new outfit should look no further than a minigame that asks trainers to throw unsuspecting Pokemon back into the sea.

Finding Hano Beach

To start this activity, trainers should head to the Hano Grand Resort, located on Akala Island. Once there, head down to the beach to find the lifeguard situated near a hut. Speaking to this man will begin an optional minigame to clear six Pyukumuku Pokemon around the beach area. As expected, these new sea cucumber type Pokemon will be randomly spawned in different places on the beach and won”t require a fight. Simply interact with the Pokemon and text will appear indicating that the player has thrown the Pokemon back into the ocean.

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As it turns out, the reason for performing this act is fairly dark, a theme the series has not shied away from across its 20 years. According the the game”s lore, the Pyukumuku is incredibly stubborn, refusing to budge from a spot it likes. Unfortunately, once it takes up residence, it refuses to move even if the creature runs out of food, opting to starve to death instead. The act of tossing them back to sea became a tradition among Alolan locals in an effort to help the creature find more food.

Once all six have been taken care of, the player simply needs to return to the man, who will then hand over an easy 20,000 Pokedollars. While this task is fairly easy, the game restricts participation to only once per day.

Alternative Methods

If throwing stubborn sea critters back into the ocean isn”t appealing enough, players have a few different options for making some serious cash.

Good luck and happy spending, Trainers!

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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are now available on the 3DS.

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