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Each region has been the setting of at least two games in the generation in which it debuts. It has been proposed to use a google maps style for the region maps or to use a style more uniform with those already seen in previous pokemon games.


Pokemon World Map by xshadowxforcex on DeviantArt

Pokemon region creator theyre making it simpler there was an article about nintendo making maps easier because they were making it hard on the 1st and 2nd gens.

Pokemon region map creator. Eight regions have appeared in the core series of pokémon games. What this series is all about is making orignal pokemon region maps and with your assistance on twitter using the hastag pokemonmapmaker for your. Version 10 allows you to design towns mountains.

If you would like to submit a style of region map pick any of the six regions and make a map of that region in your style them submit it here. The region map also known as the town map is the picture that shows the entire region. Well also look at how to set up map locations that you can fly to.

Fire watergrassany can have duel typings and they all must have 2 stages of evolutionand you must give some info such as its namemoves learned by level uptypingabilitiesand the type of pokemon it is. They are in order of appearance kanto johto hoenn sinnoh unova kalos alola and galar. You cannot physically implement new regions into the game but creating custom content is a pastime among trainers worldwide.

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Welcome to this new series. Welcome to pokemon map creator the program that uses real sprites from pokemon ruby and saphire and lets you create you very own pokemon maps. It should not be confused with a game map those are the overworld areas the player walks around in each of which typically depicts a single town or route.

This page describes how to set up a region map. The online pokemon community is not limited to these six areas however. This series will cover all the.

Each of these maps is complete with new towns gyms and pokemon species. Most regions are structured similarly. In this episode we look at how to create our own maps and get them working in game.

You are going to obiously need your starter pokemonso you have to make 3 starter pokemon same original type.

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