Where Do I Get Hm02 Fly In Pokemon Y Fly Hm 02, Hidden Machines (Hms) In X/Y

Strolling across the countrysides, badlands, etc. of Kalos is all nice and fun, but it’s a killer on your virtual feet. Even if you do begin with the Running Shoes (hold the B button to run). To save time and energy, there are a few ways to make your travel speedier and more efficient.

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This athletic and stylish footwear lets you travel at speed, so long as you’re not inside a building. You can nab yourself a pair right outside the first gym in Santalune City , providing you can best the donor in battle. To use your new Roller Skates, simply press any direction in the Circle Pad and then use the Circle Pad to control your movements.

While skating, you aren’t restricted to the grid-based movement and you grind on special rails on the field to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. You can also perform tricks learned from fellow roller skaters across Kalos, which are mainly for show, although the Running Start (learned at Vert Plaza in Lumiose City) helps to boost your speed.

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To deactivate the Roller Skates, simply press any direction on the D-pad.


Worried that the good ol’ Bicycle had been replaced? Fear not, as you can acquire one in the cycling shop in Cyllage City . As soon as you enter, you’ll be given a spot test and then you can pick from a yellow bicycle or a green one – the colour choice matters not, but you can’t change it later, so pick wisely!

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Like the Roller Skates, the Bicycle lets you zip across Kalos (but not inside buildings, because it’s dangerous).

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When you need to jump from one side of Kalos to another, it’ll take aaaaages even with the Roller Skates or Bicycle. That’s where HM Fly comes in. Once you get to Coumarine City, you’ll get this Hidden Machine from Professor Sycamore, but you can’t use it outside of battle until you’ve beaten the Coumarine Gym Leader, Ramos.

Once you’ve earned the rights to Fly out of battle, just teach it to an applicable flying Pokémon, select your Pokémon and go to “USE A MOVE”, then Fly. Now you can instantly (if you ignore the slightly overlong flying animation) fly to any town or city you’ve already visited!

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