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Self inserts are a weird thing in Pokémon fanfics, because unlike the regular power fantasies of most fanfics, the SIs I’ve read are typically well characterized and well paced. Take for example, “Born of Caution.” It’s pretty short so far, but the dude gets nuked, and has a pre-established connection to animals that drives the story really well. Hell, even “You Know Nothing, Jon Snow” makes a point of showing that using weight training to rapidly increase Pokémon’s strength is unusual in the utopia of that world. He still gets repeatedly crushed by more experienced trainers. With that ramble over, any more suggestions for SIs?


I think one of the things that appeal to me about self-inserts is wondering what SI will do with whatever knowledge they brought over. How much will they change canon (assuming that they have foreknowledge)? What kind of trainer will they be?

It's odd to me how many people automatically correlate Self Insert to be this literal when it isn't *necessarily*. It can (and often does) just refer to the character being, essentially, the author within that world as though they existed in it naturally, rather than having been transplanted there.

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Exactly, especially since most of the power is actually the power of other characters in the form of Pokémon, it weirdly works out that by helping others they gain power, rather than other fics where they just get all the power for themselves.

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You can try “Dance, Dragon Dance!”. It's an SI about a trainer who want to be a dragon master, essentially. I dropped it pretty quick because the author made some choices early on that made me lose interest. You might enjoy it, though.

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One of the stories that I recommend the most often on here is I Became a Vulpix. At a glance, it's exactly what it says on the tin, but the title doesn't mention the fantastic character interactions, creative worldbuilding, and little hints that slowly build up a mystery in the background. The story's very introspective, with much more focus put on how the characters change over time than on battles, and the protagonist loses more often than she wins. In other words, it barely has anything in common with the usual SI fic, and it's enormously better because of it.

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Are there more like it? The only other fics that have SIs as Pokemon that I know of are:

I thought this was a mystery dungeon which plays around with a Tyrunt SI and some worldbuilding based on fossil Pokemon


With a Backwards grin with it's mawile SI, there isn't much yet considering only chapter is out

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So I have this:

Luck Shines On The Hunter – Trainer, self insert, and wants to catch all the rarest Pokemon, like shinies or the crystal onyx from the anime.

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