How Does Sf Geometry Column, Chapter 5 Geometry Operations

Is there an sf-native (i.e. “correct”) way of extracting everything except the geometry column from a simple features object? This works

df but the select( , -geometry) step feels unnecessary. Also, it doesn”t remove the geometry attributes.

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Set the st_geometry property to NULL.

library(sf)nc Also (though this won”t remove the attr(nc, “sf_column”):



To drop the geometry column, use st_drop_geometry():

library(sf)nc % st_drop_geometry()class(nc_df2)#> <1> “data.frame”Before st_drop_geometry() was added to the sf package (in November, 2018), one could produce the same result using the st_set_geometry() function, like this:

library(sf)nc <1> “sf” “data.frame”nc_df % st_set_geometry(NULL)class(nc_df)#> <1> “data.frame”



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df Or just df<,-geometry_column> if you don”t want to create new object


df – your object

geometry_column – column where geometry is stored

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