Protecting Student 504 Plan For Students With Disabilities, What Is A 504 Plan And How Can It Help My Teen

Not every student with a disability will come to your classroom with an Individualized Education Plan (or IEP). A 504 Plan is another way districts can create plans to help students with disabilities have success in school.

Whether you”re a new teacher or a seasoned veteran, being handed a 504 Plan can feel overwhelming at first. Understanding what these plans are, how they compare to IEPs, and what”s expected of you can be a massive help in reducing this stress.

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Today I want to share more information about 504 Plans and what you can expect at your first 504 meeting.


What to bring with you

You”ll want to be sure to come prepared for the meeting. This can help things run more smoothly and reassure parents that you”re supporting their child.

Here”s what you”ll want to make sure you have:

Data on the student”s current performance – work samples, scores, etc.Records of the strategies and accommodations you”re currently usingPaper and pen for notetakingInformation on the student”s strengths, talents, and interestsA list of questions or concerns you have

Your role in the meeting

Your role, as a classroom teacher, is to participate and share data about the student”s progress academically and socially. Come prepared to share the student”s strengths and needs.

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Find out more about documenting data in the classroom:

If the student has already had a 504 Plan, and this is an annual review meeting, you”ll also want to come prepared to share how the current accommodations are working in the classroom.

Things to make note of

During the meeting, you”ll want to note any changes that are made to the accommodations and consider what you might need to make these adjustments in your classroom. This will let you initiate these changes more quickly.

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While 504 Plans and the process to create them can seem overwhelming at first, once you”ve done them a few times, you”ll find that they are a great way to ensure the adjustments you”re making are documented and the student is making adequate progress.

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