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Started under management that I really respected and looked up to until their stripes were shown for who they actually were. Heart-breaking. I loved my job and I adored my co-workers. Often experienced gas-lighting, dishonesty, passive aggressive disciplinary action with no real direction or follow-through coupled with favoritism at the upper management level. Creates a hostile work environment. It took all the wind out my sails and I had to go. It was awesome until it wasn’t. I spent over two years w them. Sad.

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While working for this company my pay decreased every week. When I asked about it there was plenty of excuses… Every unprofessional people in the office. Of something happened while you was at home after you dropped the morning loads off and you had to call out, they would have a major attitude. They called people out over the dispatch when we had cell phones and they could call privately, the same way they wanted from us.
STA is a good company. I would highly recommend it to anyone that’s looking to get a start in the CDL field. Management is cool and ppl are fairly friendly there.

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Management doesn’t communicate or fix office issues, if you don’t take on extra task management threatens your position. Always expected to work OT no matter what time you come in to work. High turn over rate for drivers due to lack of respect and communication. Drivers are not CDL certified and make more than office staff.
Student Transportation Of America is the worst place to work for if you are not kissing up to the ones in management to much of favoritism in this company drivers talk rude to the monitors and school leaders and parents
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Summer school has limited hours for the six weeks of summer school then off for the rest of the summer. I always filed for state unemployment benefits. Here in California receiving those benefits is hit and miss though.

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