The “Yeah Sex Is Cool But…” Meme Has Taken Over Twitter And Some Of The Jokes Are…

8 December 2017, 13:32

Yeah sex is cool but have you ever had garlic bread?

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. Sex is cool. 

Twitter’s new favourite meme is taking over and reminding us of all the things that might actually be better than sex. Despite sex being quite good, we can’t say we disagree with most of these. 

1) Like, what if someone understood your internet joke?


2) Or doing this, which is definitely better than sex.


3) Alright alright alright


4) And, I mean, does anything beat emotional support?


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5) ok, but have you?


6) oh.


7) heard of it?


8) Facts only, b




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10) this feeling


11)Too real…


12) Aaaand, sometimes sex is just cool.


13) But, pretty much nothing (least of all sex) beats garlic bread.


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