This personality test is going viral on TikTok and it tells you exactly what colour…

2 March 2021, 12:07

Here’s how to find out what colour your personality truly is based on Ktestone’s color personality test.

Have you ever wondered what colour your personality is? Well, you’re in luck. There’s a new test doing the rounds on TikTok that assigns you a colour based on your specific traits.

Now, we know just how much the internet lives for a personality dragging. The popular openpsychometrics personality quiz told us which fictional character we’re most like, while the viral IDR Labs’ Difficult Person Test told us just how difficult we are to get along with.


The color personality test uses a few simple questions to analyse your specific personality traits in relation to a colour. If you’re curious about what colour your personality is, you can find out right now. Because who doesn’t love a good personality test.

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This personality test is going viral on TikTok
This personality test is going viral on TikTok.


What is the color personality test?

To take the test and find out which colour represents you, you’ll need to head over to the website. There you’ll be asked 12 questions about yourself and based on those statistics you’ll be assigned a colour. Don’t worry, the questions are pretty simple, like “How do you behave when you’re angry? or “How do you tell someone no?”.

Once you have answered all the questions, the site gives you a colour as well as a brief explanation of the traits you possess. There’s also a rundown of the negative parts of your personality type.

This viral personality test tells you exactly what colour you are...
This viral personality test tells you exactly what colour you are…


Here’s some examples on TikTok.

So, what colour are you? Tweet us @popbuzz and let us know!

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