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The Mercury

The Mercury publishes news, opinion and feature articles of interest and importance to the University campus and community, with primary emphasis on news that most directly and immediately concerns students.

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AMP provides a forum for student opinions in print and online, focusing on matters of student life, global politics, arts and events, and social commentary.


Radio UTD

Radio UTD provides a programming mix of music, talk, news and sports that is reflective of and responsive to the needs of the community.

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UTD TV provides web-based broadcast news, entertainment shows and other online media content produced by students that reflects the diversity of the University as a whole.

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The Mercury, since 2013, is a two-time winner of the Associated Collegiate Press Newspaper Pacemaker Award and two-time recipient of the Online Pacemaker Award. The College Media Association has recognized The Mercury as the Best Four-Year, Less-than-Weekly Newspaper four times since 2013.

Radio UTD was named the Best Student-run, Internet-Only Station by the College Music Journal in 2013 and has received multiple awards from College Broadcasters Inc. since 2017 for its website, multimedia and video projects.

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UTD TV earned an honorable mention in the 2017 College Media Association Pinnacle Awards for Best Four-Year Television Station and has received honors from College Broadcasters Inc. for the station’s entertainment and sports reporting. UTD TV also has won numerous film festival awards for its original short films.

AMP placed third in 2017 for Best Four-Year Feature Magazine in the College Media Association Pinnacle Awards. The magazine has received recognition for its columns, designs and illustrations from the Associated Collegiate Press and Texas Intercollegiate Press Association.


The Student Media department provides student-oriented, student-managed forums for the free exchange of information and ideas within the University community, while providing students with hands-on opportunities to learn the skills necessary to pursue a career in media.

The Student Media Operating Board is made up of students, faculty, staff and professional media. They serve as a liaison between student media, the university community and outside groups, as appropriate. Among their duties is the selection of editors and station managers. Download the Student Media Bylaws


Student Media The University of Texas at Dallas 800 W. Campbell Road, SU24 Richardson, TX 75080

Phone – (972) 883-2286 Fax – (972) 883-6626 Offices – SU 1.601, first floor of the Student Union

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