Where Is Captain Stern In Pokemon Emerald After You Go To Lilycove City?


Slateport City is huge, but doesn”thave a gym. Still, you have a lot to take care of here. In Pokemon Emerald, go to the medicine shops on the left and talk tothe lady at the very top. She”ll give you a Powder Jar to hold crushed Berries. She can make medicine out of this. You can go to the Name Rater in the house west of the Pokemon Center (shown on the left) and change one of your Pokemon”s names. Or you canbuy a few things in the open air market. But those aren”t important too important.

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In Emerald, at the very north-west corner of the city, you”ll find a Battle Tent. Here, you choose three rental Pokemon to fight othertrainers, and in the end, you win a fine prize.

Getting Rid of the Team

What is important is that a group of Team M/A members have blocked the city”s museum and Route 110. In the city, you”ll notice a large ship-building factory. Go in there, and talk to the balding guy on the first floor who”s wearing quite different clothes from everyone else. He asks you to find Capt. Stern andgive him the Devon Goods. When you”re done, come out and you”ll find that the Team M/A members have gone into the museum.

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Go into the museum, and you”ll be charged $50. However, I had only $4, and they still let me in. Onceyou”re in, talk to the nearest member, and he”ll give you TM46 – Thief. He”ll leave. Now go upstairs,and you”ll find Capt. Stern. Talk to him to give him the goods. The Team M/A members come up for the goods, and battle you. They”re both quite weak, I might add.After you beat them, the leader will come to talk to you about their team. You”ll then give Capt. Stern the Devon Goods, and then you”re free to leave.

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The city is now clear of Team M/A. In Emerald, the mysterious guy who has talked to you a few times already introduces himself as Scott, and you”ll registerhim into your PokeNav. Now you can head north to Route 110.

Locations (Slateport City)

Route 110 and 103


Route 110 has a new Cycling Road, but you won”t be able to use it nowwithout a Bike. Prof. Birch will come to talk to you, and you”ll register him in your PokeNav. There”s a little purple house here, known as the Trick House. It is a small purple house filled with many puzzles, and is managed by a balding man known as the Trick Master. This might not seem to be much of anything, but eight different items can be obtained here just by getting through the Trick Master” puzzles. There are eight puzzles in all, and you must complete one to get to the next. Below is the list of what you can get for completing each puzzle.

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1st Puzzle: Rare Candy2nd Puzzle: Timer Ball3rd Puzzle: Hard Stone4th Puzzle: Smoke Ball5th Puzzle: TM 12 – Taunt6th Puzzle: Magnet7th Puzzle: PP Max8th Puzzle: Blue Tent

Go west onto Route 103. There”s not much to do there except battling trainers and getting some Berries/Itemballs. Come back afterwards to continue on Route 110.

Locations (Route 110 and Cycling Road)

Battle With Rival

When you come to a narrow strip of land surrounded by water on both sides, you”ll meet your rival. She”svery strong, so prepare yourself with some strong Pokemon. Beat her and you”ll receive an Itemfinder.Afterwards, you”ll battle two more trainers, and finally, you”re at the next city!

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