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Proverb: Mayo mpapa, na ine nkakupapaLiteral translation: Mother carry me, I too will carry you.

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Meaning: The young have an obligation to look after the aged ones in the same manner as these took care of them when they were young.Usage: Used when reminding a young person who does not seem to care for his aged parents or relatives; of his obligation to do so.

Proverb: Uwawa, taimina.Literal translation: he who falls does not rise on his own.Meaning: a person with problems should be assisted.Usage: used when people are planning to assist a colleague they consider to be in trouble or some kind of problems.Implications: reflects the inter-dependent aspect of Bemba society.


Proverb: Abalya imbulu, balapalamana.Literal translation: Those who eat water monitors are found close to each other.Meaning: People with common interests always interact.Usage: Used when explaining the basis of some people’s friendship in terms of their common habits.

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Implications: The proverb has its equivalent in the English saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Proverb: Imbwa ya mukali, taicenjela.Literal translation: A dog belonging to a harsh master does not become wise.Meaning: Imposition of strict or extreme discipline is counter-productive.Usage: Often used when advising a parents not to be too harsh with his children as this could make them immune to his actions and disregard his instructions.Implications: Teaches people the need to treat their children kindly and in a humane manner.

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Proverb: Fukafuka uja twebakulu talalala wajamo kubulwa.Literal translation: Kneeling you eat with elders, keep standing you have nothing.Meaning: You learn a lot of things from elders when you are humble but not when you are rude.Usage: Used when advising a young person to be good to elders in order to win their love and hence, open to him their store-house of knowledge and wisom.Implications: Teaches respect for elders, something most if not all other African peoples believe in.

Proverb: Bichi biji pamo byobishenkana.Literal translation: Trees that are together brush against each other.Meaning: It is normal for people living together to quarrel.

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Usage: Used to advise people who have quarrelled to bury the hatchet and continue living in harmony.Implications: The Tonga provide the same teaching with their “Matako alaamwi tabuli kucumbana” which literally means: “Buttocks that are together cannot avoid friction.”

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