Zoe Laverne admits “catching feelings” for 13-year-old fan after kissing video leak

2 November 2020, 11:34 | Updated: 2 November 2020, 11:46

“We both just ended up catching feelings for each other and friends do that, friends catch feelings for each other – that’s not a bad thing.”

Zoe Laverne has admitted to having “caught feelings” for 13-year-old fan Connor Joyce after videos of the pair kissing started circulating the internet.

In case you didn’t now, the 19-year-old TikTok star was forced to delete social media after footage of her kissing her 13-year-old friend was leaked. Private DMs between Zoe’s ex-boyfriend Cody Orlove and his current girlfriend Amber VanPelt accusing her of “pedophilla” were also exposed. Zoe initially denied that she had groomed Connor but she later confirmed there were feelings between them from a fandom account.

On Sunday (Nov 1), Zoe returned to social media to tell the “truth” about what really happened between her and Connor on Instagram Live.

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She explained: “I didn’t groom Connor, wouldn’t do that to him, I literally love Connor to death. I wouldn’t do anything to him ever without consent. Connor and I both consented to kissing. That’s how it went and we both liked each other and then we realised that the ages were too different. Nothing happened between us apart from kissing.”

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Zoe said that she and Connor stopped their fling months ago and they have no communication, after both of their parents agreed that they should cut all contact. She added: “He’s a kid and I’m aware of that it just happened to be that we were both in a dark place when we first became friends.

“We both just ended up catching feelings for each other and friends do that, friends catch feelings for each other – that’s not a bad thing. Yes the age is a bad thing, yes it’s wrong, yes it’s not good and we both realised that and we stopped.”

Zoe’s Instagram Live didn’t have quite the desired effect, though, as she was met with even more backlash.

Zoe Laverne Instagram Stories
Zoe Laverne Instagram Stories.

@zoexlaverne via Instagram

In response, she said: “Y’all wanted an apology from me and then when I do you’re upset? I get it I do but make up your mind pease. You wanted the minors side and then when he addresses the truth you say, ‘Not the child talking.’ Y’all don’t make sense.

“Y’all are just mad the the situation wasn’t as worse and people made it out to be. This isn’t anyone’s business but mine, my family’s, Connor’s and his family’s. Let it go.”

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